A failure to think authentically about marriage is especially dangerous for the church; such a failure forces the church to look elsewhere to explain what marriage and sex means…
- from the book (Johnson and Clark)

MARRIAGE - Its Foundation, Theology, and Mission in a Changing World-----Biblical Guidance for Your Crucial Conversations

Every Community, Couple, Family, Church needs to have a conversation about Marriage; It is Crucial

What you think about marriage is a community decision. What God says about marriage is the foundation. Where do you get the input to form your thoughts about this important relationship? Find a place to sit with some trusted friends and go deep into the conversation.

B2T has been partnering with John Trent of the Gary Chapman School of Marriage and Family at Moody Seminary. The initiatives have been bringing leaders in the marriage movement and academic and church together for months, laying the groundwork for a multi-disciplinary Theology of Marriage. This book will give the Christian community a place to stand—not to fight a new round of culture wars—but to demonstrate the beauty of God’s design for Marriage. 41 contributors

The nature of marriage has changed more in the last century than any other epoch in human history. The dignity and definition of marriage faces increasing opposition from a culture fearful of making a distinction lest it appear to be a discrimination.


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What is your foundation for understanding and living out truth in your marriage---join the conversation NOW; it’s crucial.

Resources for your crucial conversations at: continuingconversations.com                                          

This book represents 4 years and thousands of hours of work from 40 experts on this crucial topic. These theologians, professors, pastors, and counselors have written on diverse topics related to marriage— from the way neuroscience upholds love to the challenges of dealing with broken relationships. All so that you can better understand and express the beauty and truth of God-honoring and world-changing marriage.

This work is designed not to be a response to the culture, but a proactive call to God’s people to focus their energies on their own marriage and the marriages of those around them. Long before marriage was a judicial, political or social issue it was a theological issue. Right thinking proceeds personal and culture change.

Organizational Consulting

Curt and Rhonda Hamner have created, led, refined, and partnered with dozens of organizations seeking to build healthy marriages within their spheres of influence.
In addition to their coaching, speaking, and writing efforts, they are available to churches, ministries, and other organizations facing a critical opportunity—or crossroad— in their marriage related ministry. They provide leadership mentoring, connections to other like-minded organizations, and workshops that will help your organization cast a strong and clear vision for strengthening marriages.

You’re not the first organization to try this, and you’re not alone. Reach out for feedback on your existing plan or to start fresh with partners who have been where you’re going.