curt and rhonda


Curt & Rhonda Hamner, a husband and wife team, developed the Bed and Breakfast with a Purpose Retreats ten years ago. Their vision was to bring together effective marriage communication tools and genuine romance. They are Certified Marriage and Relationship Coaches and have been trained under the PREP, Imago, Prepare/Enrich, Mastering the Mysteries of Love programs and have forty years of experience, as pastoral counselors. Curt directs Between Two Trees Ministries and is a professional marriage and family education consultant, serving clients including Pepperdine University, Center for the Family, Love and Respect Conferences.  Rhonda speaks to Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs groups) throughout Southern California.

The Hamners have three grown children, Garret and his wife, Sarah, Anna and her husband, Adam, Graham and five grandchildren. They call the mountains of Southern California their home, where they enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, landscaping their mountain yard and hosting couples in their home. Whenever possible, they escape to the beach for kayaking and relaxing. Curt and Rhonda have a passion for marriage and a devotion to Christ which motivates them to offer coaching and practical tools to couples to promote the growth in their relationship.


History of
Between Two Trees

Between Two Trees originated as Rhonda's vision for the future ministry that she and Curt would share after their children had grown. It began with the statement, “Wouldn’t it be great if God would provide for us a house, big enough to develop a bed and breakfast? A place where people could come and experience authentic hospitality and find an “environment of grace to grow”. This soon became a whimsical common language between them, “our future B&B”. As they traveled, they would see a setting, enjoy a well-prepared meal, and hear an idea and look to each with the concerted thought, “That would be great for our lodge”. They opened and pioneered the ministry at the Woodlands Country Inn at Forest Home. What began as a whimsical dream became a reality ordained by God. Since then, Two Trees has developed into a marriage coaching and counseling ministry, impacting couples around the world.

Between Two Trees is named for the two references to the Tree of Life found in Genesis (2:9) and Revelation (22). At the beginning and at the end of time, relationships flourish in the world God had designed. The Garden of Eden and the Eternal City of God was free of fear and “there genuine love (1 John 4:18) prevails, This is the yearning of every marriage, flourishing in the safety Adam and Eve enjoined in the garden. All “the people of God” will delight “in”at the end of time in God’s Kingdom.

Romans 8 (v23) describes the world we live in, the “fallen” state after sin and selfishness entered the picture. Marriages, like the rest of creation, groan looking for what Adam and Eve experienced and what the future reality will be. The beauty we believe here is that as couples come to know the truth and grace of God's Good News, their relationship can flourish during this time we describe as, "Between Two Trees".