On the road again…

Curt and Rhonda Hamner, Founders of Between Two Trees, love a lot of things about coffee, but what they love most is the "esprit de corps *that comes over sharing" coffee with a friend.

Most of our relationships with couples begin with a cup of joe, usually in a coffee shop with the casual atmosphere to just get acquainted, creating a safe connection to talk about the things of life that really matter.

Follow us on the road…as we travel to spread the message of healthy marriages, we search out the best coffee in town. We want to share our finds with you!

Want to get together for a cup of coffee? 
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On the road these are the coffee shops we have checked out for you


Take an hour or a day, a weekend or an entire week, in fact, grab any time you can with Curt and Rhonda. Talking with the Hamners about life and love, marriage and things that matter most is an investment you will not regret! It is my experience, lives have been changed over a cup of coffee. Drink up and drink often, if you get the chance!
— Dale Burke Pastor, Seacoast Church