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building strong marriages, healthy relationships and
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Marriage takes work

Avoidance of conflict is the number one predictor of divorce. Every marriage can benefit from the guided conversations that take place within the context of a coaching environment. As your coaches, we create the time and space needed for you to be genuinely heard and for us to provide guidance, resources and tools that will make a difference, as soon as possible.

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Marriage matters

While each individual marriage is of infinite value, the institution and theology of marriage is --the lens through which we see that value. Together with local churches, national ministries, authors and other couples, Between Two Trees is on a mission to strengthen the cultural foundations of marriage.

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Marriage has hope!

Curt and Rhonda have the gift of bringing this message home to the hearts of everyone who hear them speak. Whether hosting an event, giving the keynote presentation, or leading a seminar, Curt and Rhonda Hamner share their own experiences as well as pass along the rich wisdom they’ve received over the years.

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Marriage needs community

Between Two Trees Ministries began with the Bed and Breakfast with a Purpose Retreats, a blend of a romantic getaway and marriage coaching that moved relationships to the next level of passion, commitment and intimacy. Today, we provide a spectrum of retreats that offer couples unique opportunities to reconnect. Curt and Rhonda’s coaching, as well as interaction with other like-minded couples, create a safe, enriching, and fun environment in which to learn and grow together.


Curt & Rhonda

A Great Adventure

After 41 years as a couple, we believe that marriage matters—practically, spiritually, and in every other way.
While marriage is one of the great adventures of life, it’s also one of the great challenges. That’s why we’ve dedicated our lives (and our marriage) to helping others do more than merely survive their marriage, but to bring their marriage to life with passion, commitment, and intimacy.

We are created for community and you need a strong marriage community to share the journey of growing a thriving marriage. Don’t go it alone. We’d love to connect and join you on this great adventure!


Curt and Rhonda don’t dabble in marriages: they’re dedicated to them. The challenge of two-becoming-one has always been daunting, but the 21st Century has made division the norm and commitment the exception. These guys know how to make God’s model - marriage, for a lifetime - come alive!
— Bob Shank - Founder/CEO of The Master's Program | Mentoring Christian Leaders from Marketplace and Ministry

Are you ready?

Over the years, Curt and Rhonda have celebrated progress and success with hundreds of couples. 

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